Beatrix Potter Challenges

Welcome! to the
MLFHS Explorer Zone
for young people aged 8-18

We hope to be able to inspire and guide you
through your journey into family history

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Why Explorers?

A true explorer is someone who sets out on a voyage of discovery.  Originally folk didnít know much about people from other places, different cultures or lands beyond their own and so explorers set out on a journey to discover the unknown.  Ancient explorers were looking for many different things perhaps riches in the form of gold, a new land or a swift route to a new location.  During a voyage the explorers had to be resilient and relied on many different skills and a sense of curiosity in order for them to achieve their goals. They didnít know how difficult the journey would be, where they were going or even how they might finally arrive at their destination. Their exploits were filled with learning many new things, finding out new information and attempting exciting new challenges.  We hope that this is what you will experience with your investigations into family history.


We have set out a series of Challenges to help you on your journey of discovery. There are three different levels for you to enjoy and explore.